Proper Floor Insulation Can Make a World of Difference

12 January 2021

Insulating your home is a must-do – it regulates the temperature all year round, keeps the chill and damp out and ensures a healthy home. It’s no small benefit, insulation prevents around a third of your home’s heat from escaping through your  roof, a quarter through your walls and up to a third through your floor.

We recommend insulating your ceiling, walls and underfloor spaces with more than a 30cm gap so we can get in easily – and the warmth difference can be felt almost instantly. Different products work for different areas of the house. We offer natural wool, polyester and fiberglass packages for a range of home types and sizes.

Fibreglass is made from new and recycled glass, comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, and is non-toxic and non-combustible. It’s also been trusted by tradespeople and building companies for decades.

Another very effective form of  insulation is Polyester – a safe, hypoallergenic and non-toxic material that is simple to install. One of the bonuses is that it’s also made from recycled plastic and can be recycled at the factory once you’re finished with it.

Wool is also a sustainable insulation solution. Whether it’s new or recycled wool, the product is easy to use, non-irritating and isn’t full of toxic chemicals. Preservatives and other compounds  can be used to strengthen the wool, plus, it’s also made to prevent mould, fire and even pests.

If you’re looking to insulate your farm, Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) is a great option for harnessing the sun’s power to maximise the productivity of existing roof space – consistently generating the power you need off homesteads, cottages, sheds, barns and out-buildings. We’ve searched the world for the best Solar PV products and solutions for the farms of the Deep South and we’re even looking at ways to make it pay for itself in the future.

Our qualified team provides a range of insulation options to suit your needs – they will complete a full property inspection and recommend the best option for you. Pricing can vary depending on the size of property and requirements, however it includes all product, full installation and a quality assurance inspection on completion. So contact us today to take the first step to a warmer, healthier home.

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