Sustainability and Home Energy

29 December 2020

With the ever increasing rate of climate change, there’s no better time than now to start adapting the way you use energy in the home. Making your energy use sustainable not only saves the planet, it saves you money so you have more freedom to spend on other things.


Swapping downlights for IC rated LED lights is a no-brainer when it comes to energy efficiency. Longer  lasting and containing no harmful gases, they’re good for your carbon footprint and your pocket. They’re also significantly brighter, making them the clear winner when it comes to quality lighting.


It may seem simple, but changing your washing machine settings can make a real difference to your energy use. Wait until you have a full load and switch your dial to cold wash. Not only does it extend the lifespan of your clothing, it saves an enormous amount of energy when the machine doesn’t have to work harder to heat the water.


Does the temperature in the room not match the thermostat? You’re probably blocking the ventilation. Make sure you don’t put furniture or other items too close to the air registers, that way the air can circulate more freely throughout your home. If it’s too humid or too nippy, a blocked air vent could invite mold or mildew in and around your vent and air ducts.


Unplugging your devices when they’re not in use is another handy tip. Whether it’s a charger or appliance, switch it off at the wall when you’re done with it or heading out for the day. Phantom energy is a thing – it’s the electricity that devices and appliances pull from the outlet while plugged in, even when the device is off.


Don’t forget to make use of your blinds and curtains –  you’ll be surprised at how much heat they retain just by keeping them pulled on those colder days.


If you’re looking for some extra tools of the trade when it comes to planet and pocket preservation, contact the team at Awarua Synergy for more information.

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